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Knutsford Announces Covid-19 Containment Plan to begin 2020/2021 Academic Year

August 21, 2020, | 1 min read

Knutsford University College has outlined its COVID-19 strategic preparedness plan to begin the 2020/20021 Academic Year in August 2020 if the government gives the green light. The Plan is based on our own innovation, benchmarking, industry guidance, and official mandates among others.  Priority is given to the health safety of all faculty, staff, and students.

In the Plan, Knutsford members shall comply strictly with the safety precautions and protocols recommended by the government of Ghana and the Ghana Health Service. Strict record of attendance is to be adhered to enable contact tracing in the event of any student testing positive. An isolation room is provided for initial suspects. Sickbay staff is strengthened. More hand-wash and sanitising facilities have been provided. Students would be expected to enter campus with their face mask on, the no mask no enter policy shall strictly be adhered to. Alle entering Knutsford must have their temperature checked, hands washed and sanitised frequently and throughout their time on campus. All members shall observe the 2-meter social distancing in activities whiles on campus. Arrangements have been done to disinfect the entire campus including lecture halls, labs, and the library.

Knutsford is liaising with in-and-around campus housing providers to provide policies consistent with the health, safety, and distancing recommendations from the Ghana Health Department of Public Health on both campuses.

In consideration of vulnerable and high-risk groups, Knutsford will make a substantial investment in classroom technology in an effort to equip all classrooms at each campus with the capability of capturing the in-person instruction via recording and/or live streaming to accommodate those who are unable to participate in traditional classroom environments. Knutsford will also modify classroom configurations, which will reduce the capacity of each classroom as well as other common spaces, including libraries, dining halls, lounge spaces, and work areas.

Other large events and gatherings, including matriculation and graduation, arts and culture performances, conferences, and symposia will be held strictly according to government directives.

For more information about the Knutsford Covid-19 Containment Plan, and the many ways Knutsford is safeguarding the health and safety of its campus community, visit the University’s COVID-19 website.